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High-Speed Rail Platform

High-Speed Rail Platform
Student Project

University of Belgrade
Faculty of Architecture


Architectural Project

The project aims to revive the never-realized idea of ​​the architect Nikola Dobrovic – the central axis of New Belgrade, the conceptual plan from 1948. This concept mitigates disposition mistakes in Block 24 and positioning the Arena in the central zone of Block 25. The project indicates what is lost and what could be recovered in the future. Light prefabricated construction in the form of standard scaffolding is realized as an element of the city’s infrastructure. It forms a direct connection between the railway station and the plateau in front of the Palace of Serbia. The spatial assembly enables pedestrian communication, with unobstructed access to the system of ramps from each of the blocks through which it extends. It provides a unique experience of New Belgrade from a central perspective and a view that embraces the city on both sides of the axis. The central axis of New Belgrade becomes the platform of a fast train, place of moment and duration, connection and relationship, recognition, and representation.

Predrag Milovanovic

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